Save Time and Money with The Wise Building Panel System

The Wise Panel Building System is a patent-pending high-tech, cost effective alternative to traditional stick-built structures and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). It’s a win-win for builders and here’s why…

Our unique manufacturing process fastens premium-grade, 2″x4″ members onto EPS rigid foam panels, delivering a rigid, light wall system which installs much faster and provides incredibly strong structural framing, superior insulation, exterior sheathing and vapor barrier all in one step. Our panels can also be configured with steel support members as well.

Also, by virtually eliminating thermal bridging and greatly mitigating air infiltration, Wise will guarantee in writing phenomenal energy efficiency and year-round comfort in residential and commercial structures.

Wise panels are made up of premium grade, opposing double wood framing members fastened onto to 1 to 1.5* pound per cubic foot density EPS rigid foam insulation. The EPS foam used in our panels maintains a constant R-value throughout the life of the structure. Wise panels are easy to modify on the job site.

By eliminating thermal bridging and air infiltration, Wise can guarantee incredible energy efficiency and year-round comfort in both residential and commercial structures.

Easy to Implement

Wise panels are easy to install and alter and are ideal for residential and commercial applications. These energy efficient panels are 5-1/2″ inches thick for optimal sound attenuation and energy efficiency. Available widths are 24,” 36″ and 48″ and they are offered in lengths of 8,’ 9,’ 10,’ 12′ and possibly longer.

Axial Load Test:

Features & Benefits


  • The ability to build multiple stories with no additional structure.
  • Hurricane, fire and seismic resistance.
  • Stronger than standard, stick-built structures.

Thermally Efficient

  • Provides the highest R-values available. Up to R-49 effective.


  • 20% recycled materials, 100% recycleable.


  • Fire retardant
  • Mold resistant
  • Not a food source for pests (steel framing only)
  • Non-toxic, VOC free

Cost Effective

  • Four-in-One structure, insulation, sheathing, and vapor barrier.
  • Reduces time to enclose.
  • Quick assembly reduces processes and labor at every stage, reducing overall cost.
  • Pre-engineered system. Panels arrive on job site with insulated headers. Reduces labor, skill requirements, and scrap.
  • Wise also provides complete mechanical system engineering with guaranteed results. No mold. No dust mites. Guaranteed energy savings for peace of mind.

Compressive Load Test:

Get Your Manual J Energy Analysis Report From a True NASA Spin-Off Company

We have perfected the most comprehensive new construction HVAC mechanical design and engineering analysis program available anywhere. Our proprietary software was derived from the experience of NASA thermal consultants on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs. In fact, our Chief of Engineering, Dr. Michael R. Busby, was one of these consultants. This unique tool allows us to create detailed energy analysis reports from all building plans we review. The report accurately projects the heating and cooling consumption, comparative savings, and the optimal heating and cooling system sizing for your home or building.

Our Guarantee: You Will Save 50 to 70% on Your Heating and Cooling Bills When You Follow Our System.

Wise Performance Building Solutions Can Analyze and Engineer The Mechanical System of Your New Home or Commercial Building Like No One Else.

When it comes to ultra energy efficiency, total comfort, and healthier indoor air, we have the answers based on having engineered “intelligent efficiency” into over 40,000 homes and commercial buildings.

The key to understanding “intelligent efficiency” is to stop thinking about energy efficiency simply in terms of individual components (e.g., furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, or windows) and to start thinking about it in terms of the entire system. When engineering homes and commercial buildings, we use a “total systems approach” which considers geographic location, windows, doors, HVAC engineering and hardware, insulation package, air filtration and more. We take the guesswork out of optimizing the HVAC performance of any home or building while incorporating all the other inherent benefits of building the ultra energy efficient way. No one else comes close!

Our energy usage calculations and incredible energy savings are GUARANTEED in writing. Best of all, our expert services are very affordable! To place your order, simply visit our order report page.